International Taoist Forum held in late October in the Southern Mountain


The State Council approved, by the China Taoism Association and China Religious Culture Communication Association co-sponsored by the International Taoist forum will be held in late October this year held in Hengyang Nanyue. This afternoon, the activities in Changsha parties signed a memorandum of preparations for the Forum. Vice Governor Liu Liwei, met to sign the memorandum of long

Deputy State Secretary for Religious Affairs, the China Religious Culture Communication Association Vice President and Secretary General Jiang Jian Yong, Lin, vice president of the China Taoist Association, the boat line. Assistant to the governor, the state Taoist Forum Hunan Yuan Jianyao Deputy Executive Director of the Organizing Committee, attended the signing ceremony, on behalf of the organizers and the International Organizing Committee and the Hunan Taoist Forum signed a memorandum of understanding.

It is understood that this is an international cultural exchange event in Taoism, Taoist circles at home and abroad more than 200 people will attend the forum. Hong Kong Taoist Association, the Macao Taoist Association, Taiwan's China Taoist Association is co-organized the event. Forum aims to dig and carry forward the ideas of Taoism culture of harmony, promote traditional Chinese culture, Taoism play in promoting social harmony and economic and social development of the active role; enhance the Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Taoist exchanges and cooperation, strengthen cooperation with International Taoist scholars, research institutions and other people of insight in the exchange and cooperation, actively promote and build a harmonious world.

Liu Liwei, said during the meeting, the International Taoist Forum held in Hunan, and fully reflects the importance of the central authorities in Hunan and the recognition of the work. Forum is to expand the international influence of Hunan, a great opportunity to establish a good image, good forum will promote implementation of the strategy of cultural province of Hunan. Hunan will try to run the forum, unique, religious services, economic and social development and make new contributions.

Yong-Jian Jiang, Lin Zhou, on behalf of China Religious Culture Communication Association and the China Taoist Association, the preparatory work of Hunan spoke highly of, and confidence to run forum.